Ras de Terra, a New European Bauhaus partner, aims to reinvigorate local culture and practices that are sustainable, through communal cultural projects and ecological agriculture. This creates a positive impact in the local community where the project is based, La Vera in Caceres, Spain.

From here the Artistic Residences of Ras de Terra emerge, a space to create within the rural landscape of La Vera, responding to the need of decentralizing culture, encouraging dialogue and bringing the contemporary creativity closer to the local experiences, all within an open space co-living space where culture is a catalyst for the region.

The residences take place in a former tobacco drying barn, symbol of the local culture and landscape, that has been rehabilitated and modernized with the intention of fostering a space for the propulsion of agriculture and artistic creation.


The initiative aims to kick off various cultural programs that support education, awareness, investigation and innovation that serve as a basis for inclusion, regeneration, and economic development of the rural landscape. Specific objectives:
  • To welcome various and diverse professionals that cover a multitude of cultural disciplines, such as art, music, literature, gastronomy, agriculture, etc. for stays of varying lengths of time, so they can contribute to the ethos of Ras de Terra.
  • Encourage a time for research and development where the participants are in touch with the local area.
  • To seek out touch points between the participants and the local community, encouraging an exchange between them.
  • To implement a series of workshops, events, lectures, nature walks, etc that reinvigorate the local cultural agenda.
  • To foster a knowledge exchange between residents, visitors, locals, and other cultural agents building relationships that extend beyond Ras de Terra.
  • Establish a network with other similar initiatives and projects in rural settings.
  • Elevate La Vera’s position locally and internationally as a cultural enclave.


Accommodation: 4 double bedrooms each with an en-suite bathroom, plus a shared living/dining area and an outdoor terrace of more than 105m2. Bedrooms are for individual use, but can be shared if requested.

Workspace: A warehouse space of more than 150m2 that can accommodate individual work areas or a space for workshops/conferences.

Outdoor areas: With more than 5 hectares of vegetable gardens and fruit trees there is plenty of space for enjoyment and work. All these areas and the nature surrounding Ras de Terra are ideal for meditation and inspiration.

Additional benefits: The residency at Ras de Terra includes breakfast, Wi-Fi, cleaning service and work space. There are also bicycles for exploring the surrounding areas and a salt-water pool.

Ras de Terra will provide residents with access to local artisans to support any production requirements.

At the end of August, Ras de Terra will host an Open Day, where residency participants are encouraged to present any work produced during their stay (optional).


The residency period is between June and August 2022. Each residency has a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.


The monthly cost of participation is 900€. Applicants must indicate in the application the period for which they would like to participate.

Participants can be accompanied by their partners, in which case, there will be an additional cost of 450€ per month. Please indicate this on the application as well.

Ras de Terra can issue residents with recommendation letters in the case they require external financial support.


Los seleccionados para participar en las residencias podrán optar a un premio. Dicho premio se concedería una vez efectuada la residencia a un creador por valor de 900€ equivalente al coste de un mes de estancia. El premio podrá ser declarada en blanco.


All applicants must include a description of the project they will execute which taking part in the residency within the natural and rural enclosure of Ras de Terra. The application is open to all disciplines and should be accompanied of a dossier of previous works, in addition, to the below documents.

The selection committee will be formed by a panel of recognised professionals across a variety of disciplines. They will be selecting the participants based on the following criteria:
  • Artistic and creative quality.
  • Alignment between the proposal and the ethos of Ras de Terra.
  • Viability of execution of the project.
  • What the participant can offer back to the local community.

In order to be considered, the following needed to be provided in one single PDF file in A4 size titled with the name of the applicant:
  • Basic Personal Information: Name, Date of Birth, Website, Email; also please include length of stay and preferred dates.
  • Concept of the project to be created (max 5 pages)
  • Artistic/Professional Biography (max 1 page).
  • Dossier with previous work
  • Cover letter stating why you want to participate (max 5 pages)
  • ID (DNI/passport) photocopy.
By applying to the residency program you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the process and participation.

The jury will resolve any disputes or concerns arising with the process and the application of the terms and conditions.

Please mail all applications to