The residence at Ras de Terra will open doors in September 2021. The application process for artists will start on the 2nd of July.

The residences at Ras de Terra aim to activate the cultural experiences between the local community and residents. This way the artistic experimentation will generate new dialogues between the two groups, through social and environmental cultural exchange.

The residences can accommodate diverse artistic profiles from a multitude of disciplines, including art, literature, music, gastronomy, agriculture, etc. for any length of stay as long as they wish to contribute to the ethos of Ras de Terra.
The residences favour individuals who want to take the time to research and create while being in touch with the surrounding landscapes. The in-house team will help create and foster a variety of opportunities for the individuals to grow, develop and exchange with the local community, leading to the mutual enrichment of the parties involved.
The diverse agenda (workshops, lectures, interactive dialogues, encounters with nature) curated by the Ras de Terra team is the educational spoke of the initiative. It aims to activate a knowledge exchange and weave a lasting relationship between the residents, visitors, speakers, local population and other cultural stakeholders.


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