The project

Ras de Terra (acronym for Artistic Rehabilitation of Tobacco Dryers) was conceived by Mónica Sánchez-Robles and Juan Urquiola as a place where creatives of all kinds come together to think, work, and share ideas. Their connection to art, social awareness, and respect for nature led them to rehabilitate an abandoned tobacco dryer nestled in 5 inspiring hectares at the foot of Gredos, in the region of La Vera, with a proposal for agricultural development on the land and practical research. They soon realized the gap for cultural activities, workshops, events, and even an opera in an international knowledge exchange ..


RdTis a cultural center that opened its doors in September 2021 with the intention of of introducing the rural into the equation of the current world and as a future option in a post-pandemic system. It arises from the desire to seek a more sustainable and inclusive way of living, establishing a dialogue between nature, history, culture, and current technological reality. Ras de Terra is a partner of the New European Bauhaus.

We believe that culture regenerates and revitalizes wherever it develops and demonstrates its value as an investment.

We encourage social exchange, from local to international and vice versa.

We aim to identify specific issues related to rural problems and expose them through events, projects, helping to decentralize culture.

We are sustainable and rely on solar energy, seeking zero environmental impact. We practice regenerative agriculture to contribute to the issues of climate change, water maintenance, and biodiversity loss.