July 2021

Ras de Terra spoke with Extremadura HOY about the future of the La Vera region and its "secaderos de tabaco". Click here to read.
The new basket full of organic products from our garden is on its way to our sponsors!

Sponsor a tree for just 10€ a month and receive 3 baskets per year with a small surprise included! click here to sponsor a tree.

June 2021

“A La Vera de Gredos” tells the story of how this project came to be - click here to read
Ras de Terra participates in the IV Forum of Culture and Ruralities organized by the Ministry of Culture on June 2nd and 3rd.
In the fourth edition of the forum the theme is rurality in the face of ecological and climate crisis - click here to read more or to join the event via streaming here
RdT has been profiled by "Guia del Ocio" - Click here to read

May 2021

On 28th and 29th of May was the first meeting of the rdt committee to formalize the 2021 program that will begin in September with the exhibition "Places of Abandonment"
This past weekend (28th & 29th of May), HOY Extremadura joined us in a very important moment for Ras de Terra: the first meeting of the RdT Committee made up of 12 experts - Click here to read
RdT has been profiled by PAC (Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo) - Click here to read
RdT has been profiled by the daily newspaper of Extremadura, HOY - Click here to read

April 2021

The first seeds are growing and flowers are blooming. With much care we are switching them over to the new wooden beds for the next harvest. Healthy and real food, permaculture, and regeneration of soil.

March 2021

Our project, RdT, is now an official partner of the New European Bauhaus. Lets build a new Europe together! We will bring together urban city life and the countryside, we will fight for climate change and sustainability, and we will support the land through permaculture.

February 2021

We are now starting the last phase of construction/renovation of the "secadero". In September we will open the doors of this new residency and creative center for artists with a very exciting programme!