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The minimum duration of the residences is one week and the maximum is 1 month.

Accommodation includes breakfast Half-board, with either lunch or dinner, will have a supplement of 20€. We also Wificleaning services, workspace and the facilities. The housing regime can be individual or shared (double bed)

  Less than a week 1 – 3 weeks 1 month or longer
Individual 60€/ a day 350€/ a week 325€/ a week
2 people 80€/ a day 500€/ semana 450€/ a week

For longer periods or specific requests, contact us by Email at

The fee may be revised by the resident's work or services. In this case, it must be indicated in the application or in the presentation of the project.

The fee does not include transport to and from the location. We offer free transport from Villanueva de la Vera o Madrigal de la Vera. We also offer a pick-up service from the train station Oropesa for an extra fee of 25€. The service can be for an individual or shared (maximum 4 people).


If you wish to apply and interview for the residences, please complete the form below or if preferred download the form here and send it by email to

*I have read and accept the terms & conditions.

Accepted applicants will be interviewed by a member of the team and further screen to better understand the project and any needs that may arise from their stay.

Ras de Terra encourages a collaboration of fields of study/disciplines in our residences and workshops. That is why we welcome applicants from all sorts of fields and origins; from architects to designers (graphic, product, industrial, fashion) and visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, or multimedia artists), as well as writes (playwriters, screenwriters, novelists, journalists, researchers, and poets) and composers and performers (musicians, actors, dancers and choreographers) and lastly cultural and gastronomic researchers. Ras de Terra is committed to artistic and cultural exchange and the interrelation between disciplines.

No necesariamente. Nuestro jurado valora a los solicitantes de forma individual. Damos la bienvenida a residentes de todas las disciplinas y con diferentes conocimientos.

The duration of your stay will vary on the requirements and size of the project. The resident can stay for a minimum of 3 days up to a maximum of 6 months.
As soon as we receive your application, we will reach out to you to do a online interview.
The main languages are English and Spanish. However, a few team members speak as well French and Italian. So it would be best if the resident can speak at least one of these languages.
Ras de Terra welcomes bigger scale projects and groups in the residences.
Yes. Families are more than welcome here. We can provide shared accommodations and the rooms accordingly as long as we have the availability.
In general, yes. But its the resident's responsibility to take care of the pet.
Yes! We have Wifi through out the residences. However, please keep in mind that we are out in nature and the signal might be low.

El programa de residencia puede complementarse con las actividades habituales que se realizan en Ras de Terra como talleres, presentaciones, charlas, debates, conferencias etc…Además, el equipo de Ras de Terra estará encantado de ponerte en contacto con artesanos de la zona, de campos tan variados como la alfarería, la producción de pimentón o la cestería, para que puedas encontrar inspiración en estas técnicas tradicionales o incluso establecer sinergias de colaboración.

Sabemos que en ocasiones necesitas un descanso del estudio, por lo que un agradable paseo por los campos de la Vera, con la impresionante vista de la Sierra de Gredos, te ayudará a desconectar. También puedes disfrutar de cuidar, regar o cultivar nuestra huerta y los numerosos árboles frutales que hay en los terrenos de Ras de Terra, una experiencia única para reconectar con la naturaleza.

Each resident, specially those coming from outside of Spain, should have insurance coverage for their stay in case of accidents and/or health problems.
The fee does not include transport to and from Ras de Terra. We offer free pick-up service from Villanueva de la Vera or Madrigal de la Vera.
We provide a transport service to and from the train station Oropesa for a fee of 25€, same fee applies whether you are an individual or a group (maximum 4 people)
Yes! and for residents staying longer than a week, we will provide fresh towels and linens on a weekly basis.
Yes, there are laundry facilities available to the residents.
The fee includes half pension, which is breakfast and lunch or dinner.
Yes! All residents will have access to a public and shared kitchen where you can store and prepare your meals. We can also offer weekly rides to the supermarket or local food markets.